CompAir DH Series

cabinet filter parts

If an air conditioning filter is left dirty, over time it can lead to higher energy costs and short equipment life due to all the air conditioning parts relying on each other. Overall, your heating and cooling will not be as effective and you will need to invest in more air conditioning repair and maintenance.

An air conditioning filter should be changed every couple of weeks for certain commercial or industrial air conditioning since it's running almost 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Doing this as a routine in your monthly chores and not waiting until you see the dust matted on the air conditioning filter will ensure you the very best health as well as a smooth running air conditioning system. Dust particles can not always been seen so even if you see a little dust on the air filter, clean it as you normally would.

Do you have an odd sized filter?
We can supply any special size filter you require.