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Air Compressor Maintenance Tips

Getting the most out of your compressor installation begins with maintenance. Good maintenance practices will ensure your compressor reaches its full service life and allow you to solve any issues within your system before they become problems. To keep your business in continuous production, regular servicing is highly recommended. Businesses that adhere to a comprehensive preventative maintenance programme are less likely to experience a system breakdown, avoiding large costs that can occur as the result of unexpected downtime.

The type of daily, weekly, and monthly checks that you need to carry out will depend entirely on your technology type and the downstream equipment that you have installed as part of your process. Different technologies have different operating parameters and requirements so you should always read and follow the guidelines outlined in your compressor manual. This will give you the most poignant advice on how to care for and maintain your exact brand and model.

In general, some tips and guidelines to follow for most compressor types include:

Checking and cleaning your intake vents regularly 

To ensure maximum efficiency, your intake vent needs to be clean and free from contamination. If your unit has to work harder to intake air this will negatively affect its compression capacity and force it to lose power, resulting in less air delivered per kW. To avoid this issue, regularly check to see if your filter is clean — especially in dusty working conditions!

Check and change the compressor oil (lubricated models only)

Lubricated compressors rely on oil for cooling, sealing, and lubrication. It contributes massively to the units overall performance success and continued reliability. Checking levels on a daily basis is important to ensure that your machine is topped off. On top of this, you should change the oil with a genuine OEM replacement at regular intervals to ensure effective operation.

Regularly drain condensate receiver 

Receiver tanks accumulate and collect moisture from the air that is being compressed. This occurs in all environments but even more so in humid locations. You must ensure that your tank is regularly drained to ensure you benefit from the full storage capacity of the receiver.

Check all fasteners and tighten if necessary 

Compressors can vibrate which can sometimes loosen fastenings such as screw, nuts, and bolts. A simple visual inspection can help to identify any issues and periodically tightening them ensures none become loose.

Replace air filters regularly 

Filters protect your installation and air treatment accessories from corrosion caused by dirt, dust, and other contaminants. Poor filter quality can harm your compressor by causing damage to your equipment, reducing your machine lifespan. Be sure to check your filters regularly and replace them often with genuine OEM replacement spares.

Mid-Tech Air Products are here to support you in the upkeep of your industrial compressor installation. We only supply genuine parts and spares, guaranteeing the quality and performance you expect from your technology. With stock for some of the industry’s biggest names, we’re sure to have the part you need. Give us a call on 0121 275 2787 to speak to us about your requirements and arrange an order.












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