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Medical Vacuum Pump

Medical Vacuum Pump

What is a Medical Vacuum Pump?

Medical vacuum pumps are technologies used to protect healthcare professionals, including doctors, nurses, dentists and vets, from harmful substances that are potentially dangerous if they come into contact with them. They are used within a variety of medical fields for a range of applications, such as the draining, collection and removal of fluids and wounds and the cleaning of some types of medical equipment. Due to these being processes of fundamental importance, especially during routine check-ups or even for more time-critical operation or surgery scenarios, it’s important to ensure that your company or medical facility have a reliable medical pump that works efficiently and consistently!

What Makes Them Different From Standard Vacuum Pumps?

Both standard and medical vacuum pumps work using the same principle, which involves removing liquids and gases from enclosed spaces in order to create a vacuum or gas.

However, as mentioned above, medical vacuum pumps are specifically used to protect healthcare professionals and patients from dangerous or harmful substances. This obviously means that medical vacuum pumps need to adhere to higher hygiene and health and safety standards; in this case, they must be NFPA9 compliant, much like medical-grade air compressors.

What Medical Vacuum Pumps Do We Offer at MidTech Air Products Ltd?

Usually, medical vacuum pumps are comprised of dry claw or rotary vane technology, as this is the compression and vacuum technology that best suits medical applications and hygiene standards. At MidTech Air Products Ltd, we offer a range of high-performance, reliable vacuum pumps ideal for hospitals, vets, dentists, and other medical or clinical environments. Our range includes Elmo Rietschle’s world-renowned, best-in-class vacuum technologies, which are favoured within the medical sector for a range of applications. These include operating technical and medical respiratory devices, central vacuum systems, steam sterilisation (autoclaving), chair lifts, air beds and dental equipment.

You can rely on MidTech Air Products Ltd for a variety of high-quality vacuum and blower solutions that offer unmatched performance, efficiency and reliability. For more information about any of the Medical Vacuum Pumps we stock and distribute, please fill out the contact form below. Alternatively, you can contact us at or feel free to call the Air Experts on 0121 275 2787.

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