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Side Channel Blowers

Side Channel Blowers

What Are Side Channel Blowers & How Do They Work?

Side channel blowers are used within a large variety of industries and applications to generate suction, blast air, or to produce large volumes of dry, clean compressed air. This is essential for processes such as blowing material, dry blowing, vacuum lifting, sealing air, point suction and the aeration of fluids.

Side channel blowers can transport air or gas by utilising a rotating fan with blades (an impeller), which generates kinetic energy that can be converted into pressure. Gas is first taken in through the inlet, and as it enters the side channel, the impeller imparts velocity to the gas in the direction it will rotate. This creates a centrifugal force in the blades, which is used to accelerate the gas outwards, causing the pressure to increase. It’s these rotations that create the kinetic energy, which further increases the pressure along the side channel. When the side channel reaches the rotor, it narrows, which acts to sweep the gas off of the impeller blades and then discharge it out of the pump.

What Side Channel Blowers Do We Offer At MidTech Air Products Ltd?

Elmo Rietschle G-Series:

G-BH100: Renowned as the smallest side channel blower on the market, this system has a height and width of approximately 125 mm, with a depth of approximately 60 mm. But don’t be deterred by its size; the G-BH100 offers the same power in a smaller, more compact solution.

G-BH1: These Elmo Rietschle side channel blowers are low maintenance, reliable and durable, delivering 20,000 low-noise operating hours. They have a high inlet volume flow of up to 2,500 m3/h with a differential pressure of up to 780 mbar, and on request, the IE2 G-BH1 model can be equipped with IE2 motors.

G-BH2 VELOCIS: Centre stage of the side channel revolution is Elmo Rietschler’s G-BH2 VELOCIS, a wear-free, smooth-running technology with expert acoustic engineering rendering it quiet and pulsation-free. With 40,000 operating hours and an 87 Hz frequency converter, this innovative side channel blower surpasses market expectations.

G-BH7: Unsurpassed in terms of differential pressure, these low-noise, specialist side channel blowers can create pressure differences of up to 1,000 mbar. That is more than any other gas ring compressed air system! These compressors can also be used for up to 20,000 hours without maintenance, downtime or wear, making them useful for a range of applications, even ones with more demanding, unpredictable conditions.

IE2 G-BH7 With IE3 Motors on Request: Elmo Rietschle’s IE2 G-BH7 is known for being a virtually maintenance-free side channel blow that is half the size but twice the power.

G-BH8: These side channel blowers are able to reduce your energy consumption due to their higher pump efficiency. Not only that, but it reduces noise emissions by half and eliminates pulsation. The Entire G-BH8 Range Features IE3 Motors.

Elmo Rietschle Side Channel Blower Spare Parts:

MidTech Air Products Ltd also offers a range of Elmo Rietschle OEM spare parts to keep your side channel blower consistently operating at its best! The use of genuine spare parts over other market alternatives is vital, as only these parts have been tried and tested to work seamlessly with your existing side channel blower technology. By not using OEM spare parts, you risk costly equipment damage and breakdown, which is why, as a trusted supplier of Elmo Rietschle vacuum and compressed air technologies, we also offer spare parts to keep your system correctly maintained.

You can rely on MidTech Air Products Ltd for a variety of high-quality vacuum and blower solutions that offer unmatched performance, efficiency and reliability. For more information about any of the Elmo Rietschle Side Channel Blowers we stock and distribute, please fill out the contact form below. Alternatively, you can contact us at or feel free to call the Air Experts on 0121 275 2787.

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