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Industrial Vacuum Pumps

Industrial Vacuum Pumps

What Are Industrial Vacuum Pumps?

Industrial vacuum pumps are designed specifically to remove or draw out air particles or gas molecules from a sealed volume. They are manufactured using a large range of different technologies, including but not limited to liquid ring, screw, lobe and rotary. Due to this variety of different designs, they are suitable for a multitude of industrial manufacturing processes, including bottling, degassing, paper production, packaging and drying. The role of a vacuum pump within these industrial applications is to create and maintain a vacuum, which can be used to extract gases or liquids from containerised chambers or alternatively to pick up or hold in place components or devices that are a part of a larger assembly process. Industries such as the plastic, aerospace, chemical, electronic, pharmaceutical, oil and gas, and packaging sectors all rely on vacuum pumps for their critical processes and applications.

How Do Industrial Vacuum Pumps Work?

To understand the basic working principle of an industrial vacuum pump, it’s first important to consider what a vacuum is. A vacuum is a space devoid of substance and matter, which has a gaseous pressure that is lower than atmospheric pressure. The main purpose of an industrial vacuum pump is to remove air particles or gas molecules from a sealed volume. This process causes a pressure difference, which leaves behind a partial vacuum, but how does this happen? The working principle of an industrial vacuum pump can be broken down into 3 simple steps:

1. Removal of molecules from the vacuum chamber

The process of removing air and gas molecules from the vacuum chamber is done by altering the pressure in the chamber. The scientific principle is that pressure will attempt to equalise across all connected regions of the containerised chamber, causing molecules moving to fill the entire chamber. By introducing an additional low-pressure space attached to the chamber, the molecules will move from the high-pressure area (the containerised vacuum chamber) into the low space (where this is will depend on the type of vacuum pump) in order to balance the pressure. Depending on the type of industrial vacuum pump you’re using, some will operate more mechanically, using rotors and vanes to push the air out of the chamber.

2. Compressed air or gas exits

The next step is for the compressed air or gas to exit into the next pump if it’s a two-stage design or alternatively into the atmosphere.

3. Partial vacuum is created

Due to the change in pressure achieved, a partial vacuum will be created. This will happen once the transfer of gas and air molecules is complete.

What Industrial Vacuum Pumps Do We Stock And Distribute At MidTech?

Elmo Rietschle Vacuum Pumps:

Elmo Rietschle is a renowned pioneer in vacuum pump and blower technology, using the latest German engineering and design to produce safe and economical pumps. They have years of experience producing reliable, high-performance solutions that are loved and trusted by many. At MidTech, we stock and distribute a large range of their industrial vacuum pumps, including but not limited to their liquid ring, oil lubricated, dry running rotary vane, rotary lobe, claw and screw pumps. By offering both oil-lubricated and dry running options, Elmo Rietschle’s industrial vacuum pumps are ideal for a diverse variety of industries and environments, providing them with an efficient, reliable solution.

Robuschi Vacuum Pumps:

We also offer a range of Robuschi industrial vacuum pumps who utilise best-in-class production processes and the latest technologies to create vacuum pumps that offer unmatched quality, efficiency and performance. At MidTech Air Products Ltd, we offer their RVS Liquid Ring vacuum pump series, which are heavy-duty solutions designed for safe operation and minimum maintenance. We also offer some of their liquid ring vacuum pump packages (LVRS and CVRS series), which are complete units that use their RVS pumps. The other Robuschi industrial pump solution that we offer is their liquid ring vacuum units, which is their KVRS series. All of the packages that Robuschi design and manufacture are particularly appropriate for the chemical, petrochemical, textiles and pharmaceutical industries, as they are available in multiple materials.

You can rely on MidTech Air Products Ltd for a variety of high-quality vacuum and blower solutions that offer unmatched performance, efficiency and reliability. For more information about any of the industrial vacuum pumps we stock and distribute, please fill out the contact form below. Alternatively, you can contact us at or feel free to call the Air Experts on 0121 275 2787.

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