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Gardner Denver Filters

Keeping your air system free from contamination is a daily task and one that shouldn’t be overlooked. You may not think it, but filters are as essential to your air system as your compressor itself! Without them, you could be inviting a whole host of contaminants into your compressed air output that could seriously damage […]

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Gardner Denver Compressor Parts

Mid-Tech are an accredited supplier of Gardner Denver compressor parts across the UK and beyond! We only supply genuine parts, spares, and lubricants that meet OEM specifications. Our parts offering is designed to support Gardner Denver’s complete range of compressor technologies including rotary screw, rotary vane, oil-free, and piston compressors. To protect your investment, Gardner […]

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About Us

Mid-tech has many clients who rely on our ability to offer one stop purchasing for all air product requirements. Our primary concern is your total satisfaction. Mid-Tech is a compressed air and vacuum aftermarket and service specialist based in the West Midlands. Supplying air compressors, dryers, filters, vacuum pumps and blowers, with GENUINE aftermarket spare […]

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Regulated Speed Compressors

All CompAir variable speed rotary screw compressors can be sized to suit the required output, and are driven by CompAir’s variable speed drive system. The volume flow can be precisely controlled to meet your continually changing demands. This ensures that you use only the energy required to do the job and no more. The Gardner […]

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Air Compressor Parts Wish List

Add the parts you need to online wishlist. Easy, hassle free service for simplified maintenance. 100% OEM standard quality. We will soon be adding a “Wish List” function to our website where you will be able to request up-to-the-minute costs and availability on our full range of parts – watch this space for more. In […]

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Air Compressor Replacement Parts

Buy replacements from an authorised parts specialist for guaranteed quality. Keep your system under warranty and at optimal performance. Enjoy total peace of mind. Compressed air is a vital utility for many businesses across the globe. It’s used to power many processes and applications that are the backbone behind some of the world’s largest industries […]

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Air Compressor Filter & Filtration Products

Filtration plays an extremely important role in your industrial compressor system. Compressed air contains more than just air, it can also include solid particles such as dirt and dust and well as water vapours and aerosols. These can contaminate the compressed air which can cause damage to your compressor, pipework, and downstream equipment and also […]

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Compressor Spares

Parts within a compressor installation need to be routinely replaced to ensure your overall production process is not affected. As part of a preventative maintenance plan, your engineers will be able to identify when parts are due for replacement and schedule time to perform the update. When performing a routine replacement, it is always important […]

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Air Compressor Parts – Why Choose Genuine? Think Genuine – Think Mid-Tech Mid-Tech Air Products is a compressed air and vacuum aftermarket and service specialist based in the West Midlands. Supplying air compressors, air dryers, filters, vacuum pumps and blowers with genuine aftermarket spare parts and service. At Mid-Tech, we believe in quality — that’s why […]

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