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Air Compressor Filter & Filtration Products

  • Remove contaminants from your compressed air system with air compressor filters.
  • Choose genuine and replace regularly for maximum efficiency.
  • Mid-Tech supply a range of OEM quality replacements to ensure effective filtration.
Air Compressor Filter & Filtration Products

Filtration plays an extremely important role in your industrial compressor system. Compressed air contains more than just air, it can also include solid particles such as dirt and dust and well as water vapours and aerosols. These can contaminate the compressed air which can cause damage to your compressor, pipework, and downstream equipment and also potentially cause product spoilage if contamination comes into contact with products as part of the production process.

Incorporating the correct air compressor filter into your installation can help you to manage and eliminate unwanted contaminants that lead to corrosion and damage. The filter efficiency is dependent on your compressor type, design and conditions and there are a variety of technologies to chose from depending on the quality of air your application requires. For example, fibre filters can only trap oil as droplets, while active carbon can trap oil as a vapour. Mid-Tech’s team of factory trained experts can help you select the right filters for your needs.

Air filtration is of paramount importance to ensure the reliable performance of your compressor in the ongoing fight against problems caused by water, oil, and contamination. Equally important is ensuring your filter element is replaced regularly.

To keep energy costs low and ensure the continued efficiency of your supply, Mid-Tech recommend that your filter elements should be replaced periodically, usually around every 12 months although this may vary depending on your application and purity requirements. Applications with strict requirements may require more frequent replacement intervals.

While some may think that frequent filter change-outs are a waste of money, the cost of insufficient filtration is often a multiple of the cost of a filter element! Filters are often forced to perform under extremely challenging conditions and so overtime general wear and tear is expected. However, not changing the filter element can be very risky, leading to damage to your entire system due to corrosion caused by contamination. Overall, this can lead to higher long term costs and even risk breakdown.

When changing your filter, you should always opt for genuine, OEM standard replacements. They play a hugely important role within your system and so quality matters when it come to filter elements. To ensure the best ongoing performance and the most efficiency for your money, genuine parts are always the best option.

Using genuine replacements and changing your filter regularly will offer you a whole host of benefits including a guaranteed high quality output, protection of your adsorption dryer beds, reduced operational costs, increased productivity and profitability, protection of your downstream equipment, and continued peace of mind.

We stock a range of equipment spares, parts, kits, and replacements for market leading brands and manufacturers including CompAir, Gardner Denver, Hydrovane, Domnick Hunter, Parker, Beko, Solberg, and Walker, to name a few! To receive a quotation for genuine filtration products from Mid-Tech, please get in touch with our experts by calling 0121 275 2787 or filling out our contact form

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