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CompAir Filters

  • Compressed air filters protect your equipment from dust, dirt, oil and water.
  • CompAir has a complete filter range you can rely on.
  • Products to help in the fight against problems caused by contamination.
CompAir Filters

Compressed air can be cleaned using air filtration products to prevent contamination from entering the air system and causing damage. Air at atmospheric pressure contains more than just pure air, it also contains dust, dirt and other solid particles that can contaminate your system, causing corrosion to pipework and shortening the life of your installation.

CompAir are at the foreground of downstream equipment and air treatment technology and have developed a comprehensive range of filters designed to provide exceptional air quality, energy efficiency, and low lifetime costs.

Different filters are required to remove different contaminants from the system. CompAir have divided their range into 4 stages to help you to select the exact product you need to tackle the types of contamination you’ll likely be facing.

These include:

Depending on your industry, the quality of your air output will be extremely important. For hygienic industries such as pharmaceuticals, food and beverage, and health care, sanitary output is essential to ensure adherence to health and safety regulations. CompAir filters can play a huge role in cleaning air to ensure that it meets with standards, often reaching ISO Class 1 and Class 0 standards with the help of a complete air treatment process.

Without these products, you could risk:

Ultimately, all of the above will cost you more money than simply purchasing the filters in the first place! They are extremely cost-effective and offer you complete peace of mind that your investment and your end product are protected.

Don’t get caught out! Ensure your compressor is protected from damage with genuine filters from Mid-Tech. As authorised distributors of OEM CompAir products, we guarantee that every part you receive is 100% genuine and offers you incredible quality, performance, and efficiency for its full lifetime. To request a quote for genuine parts, please contact us today by calling 0121 275 2787 or filling out our contact form.

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