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Gardner Denver Filters

  • Air intake filters protect your system from contamination.
  • Ensure your compressor isn’t contained by dirt, dust, and oil.
  • Efficient, reliable, and effective filtration products by Gardner Denver.
Gardner Denver Filters

Keeping your air system free from contamination is a daily task and one that shouldn’t be overlooked. You may not think it, but filters are as essential to your air system as your compressor itself! Without them, you could be inviting a whole host of contaminants into your compressed air output that could seriously damage your end product.

Dirt, dust, oil, water vapours, and other unwanted solid particles exist within the atmosphere, this is completely normal. However, it does mean that they can be introduced into your air system when atmospheric air is sucked into the inlet. If untreated, these contaminants will pass through the entire production process and through your downstream equipment, potentially causing damage to internal components and pipework as it moves through the system!

The negative effects of contaminants include:

Translated into how it could affect your business, contamination can be the route cause behind many issues within a plant or factory, such as:

When the reliability of your entire business is down to something as small as a few drops of oil or water vapour within your system, why risk it! Air filters from Gardner Denver provide an efficient, affordable, and reliable solution to tackling the core problems caused by unwanted particles within your compressed air.

Gardner Denver’s filter range has been and continues to be innovated to ensure it draws from leading technology and advances in engineering to offer customers a solution that provides incredible air quality, energy efficiency, and low lifecycle costs.

Mid-Tech are proud to supply 100% genuine filtration products manufactured and designed by industry-leader, Gardner Denver. We always keep a range of stock at our bases to ensure fast delivery and that the part or product you need reaches you in no time at all. We guarantee that every spare part and product we supply is authentic OEM specification, offering you the high level of performance you have come to expect.

To request a quote for genuine parts, please contact us today by calling 0121 275 2787 or filling out our contact form.

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