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Hydrovane Filters

  • Regular filter changes stop dust or dirt from clogging up the system.
  • This protects your investment and your end product too!
  • Use genuine filter replacements from Mid-Tech to guarantee quality.
Hydrovane Filters

Hydrovane are at the forefront of rotary vane technology. They have been designing and manufacturing rotary compressors for around 50 years and have sold over 890,000 units from the 2 horse power to 100 horsepower range worldwide – a huge achievement and testament to their reliability, versatility, and competitiveness in the field.

Hydrovane compressors are an extremely efficient and cost-effective solution as they are available as a complete packaged solution with all the ancillaries you require in one, single unit. This means that the package comes with the dryer and filtration equipment you need to complete your installation and offer you incredible performance.

Over time, however, filters will become worn and it’s incredibly important that they are replaced regularly to ensure your system is protected from harmful particles that can cause real damage to your compressor, pipework, and distribution network.

Not changing your filter can lead to: 

To avoid these negative consequences and to ensure a continuous supply of high quality compressed air, you should replace your filter element when required as they do not last forever. Usually, it is recommended that the routine replacement takes place every 12 months but refer to your operation manual for specifics when it comes to your equipment.

Applications with longer operating hours may have shortened exchange intervals so it’s always best to take the advice of an experienced service technician who will be able to inspect the element and perform preventative maintenance for you.

When buying replacement parts, ensure you purchase through a trusted supplier – like us! Mid-Tech Air Products are an aftermarket and service specialist based in the West Midlands specialising in providing 100% genuine spares to customers in a variety of industries who rely on compressed air for their business-critical operations!

Trust us to supply Hydrovane filtration products that not only ensure that your compressor stays operational but also keep your system warranty compliant. We keep our factories well stocked with all the common replacement parts and spares that people often need to ensure we can offer fast delivery to anywhere in the UK. Our priority is supplying you with high quality, authentic products that keep your system running without fault.

To request a quote for genuine parts, please contact us today by calling 0121 275 2787 or filling out our contact form.

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