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Compressed Air Treatment

  • The right compressed air treatment reduces machine breakdowns and helps you avoid product spoilage.
  • We stock genuine replacement parts for your essential equipment including filters & dryers.
  • Mid-Tech are here to ensure your complete installation is maintained properly.
Compressed Air Treatment

Not only are Mid-Tech compressor and vacuum pump specialists, we can also supply the parts you need for all of the air treatment equipment you require to complete a fully efficient compressed air system.

In fact, the compressor is just one part of a complete air system and in order to meet with the demands of challenging industries that require specific ISO standards, you will need to treat your compressed air.

Atmospheric air contains water vapour, when compressed, the water particles are compressed alongside the air. It can also contain other contaminants such as oil, dirt and dust particles. If not treated, not only can these particles ruin your air output by making it unsafe for use, even causing product damage, but it can cause degradation to your actual equipment.

Water particles that are present in the air can lead to corrosion which ultimately damages your equipment and pipework, causing a drop in performance efficiency and even leading to breakdown and a shortened machine lifespan.

Furthermore, many modern production processes have high demands when it comes to air quality and purity. Downstream equipment and air treatment products can help to clean the air output to remove contaminants and create a cleaner, drier compressed air output for use within various systems and processes. For industries where high standards of sanitation are essential, air treatment equipment is a must.

Overall, implementing the right downstream products (and ensuring they are maintained with genuine replacement parts) is the best way to protect your machinery, your end product, and improve overall plant efficiency.

The main forms of treatment product include filters, dryers, condensate management, and heat recovery. Find out more about filters in our filtration section by clicking here.

Dryers are used to remove moisture from air before it reaches the point of use; this helps to protect pipework and ensure there is no detrimental effect to pneumatic equipment due to corrosion. There are a few different types of technology available including desiccant and refrigerant. While both dry the air, they use a different method to achieve this. The type you choose will be specific to your application and choosing the correct one for your plant will help to improve efficiency and ensure a low life cycle cost. Common dryer parts that we stock include gasket kits, filter elements, gauges, desiccant change kits, strainers, and valves.

Condensate is the name for moisture that is removed from air as it cools and it must be disposed of properly and safely. Condensate drains can be included as part of your installation to collect and remove condensation at specific points within your system.

Heat recovery systems are a great efficiency booster as they use excess heat produced by your compressor for other uses within your factory or plant, saving energy and reducing costs. Integrated heat recovery systems are an environmentally friendly addition to your installation and can be used for heating systems or to power other processes in your work place.

Keep your compressed air treatment equipment in top shape with genuine OEM parts and application expertise from Mid-Tech. Our factory trained experts are here to help keep you running smoothly and efficiently, every day. To request a quote for genuine parts, please contact us today by calling 0121 275 2787 or filling out our contact form.





















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