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CompAir Compressor Parts

  • OEM standard parts for CompAir compressors.
  • Dryer, filter, and compressed air treatment spares.
  • Stay in warranty & enjoy ongoing peace of mind.
CompAir Compressor Parts

Mid-Tech are an accredited supplier of CompAir compressor parts across the UK. We supply genuine OEM standard spares and lubricants for CompAir’s complete range of compressor technologies, so if you have any CompAir products that need a high quality, genuine aftermarket replacement part, you’ve come to the right place!

CompAir are an industry leader in compressed air technology and their groundbreaking engineering and innovative designs continue to provide creative solutions for customers in a variety of industries. With such engineering excellence going into every one of their designs, it is exceedingly important to choose OEM standard spares to ensure you benefit from their incredible design expertise.

Their C Series of lubricated rotary screw compressors are an extremely popular choice  amongst industrial manufacturing and other similar industries. Rotary screw compressors have no pistons, rings, rods, or other parts that require regular servicing and so are an incredibly low maintenance option, making them a favoured technology among many! That, however, doesn’t free them from the need for routine replacements. Screw compressors will require new air filters and oil filters at specific times during their operation to ensure smooth operation.

Consumables for rotary screw models that we carry include:

CompAir also have an impressive range of oil free models that use varying technologies to provide clean air for ISO Class 1 and Class 0 applications. We also stock products for this range including spares for their piston R-Series and Scroll S-Series.

Not only are CompAir expert compressor manufacturers but they also supply a range of compressed air treatment products and downstream equipment. Compressed air dryers remove moisture from air output to ensure clean and dry air quality whilst filters are used to separate contaminants such as oil from the compressed air.

They play a hugely important role in the production process of an air system and so it’s important to ensure replacements for downstream equipment are of the same high standard you would expect for your compressor. All of our dryer and air filter replacements are 100% genuine and guarantee the very best quality of air purification. This is especially important for businesses who work in sanitary industries with strict health and safety requirements such as food, pharmaceuticals, or healthcare.

All parts we supply for CompAir are of 100% genuine and are part of our commitment to you to only supply consumables and aftermarket products that we can guarantee offer the highest levels of quality, performance, and reliability to our customers. Your business matters to us and that’s why we only ever provide you with the very best air compressor parts, service, and support.

Need CompAir genuine spare parts? We’re here to help with quick delivery times, a competitive price, and amazing products that offer the efficiency you expect. Call us on 0121 275 2787 to speak to us about your requirements and arrange an order.

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