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Gardner Denver Compressor Parts

  • 100% authentic parts for Gardner Denver compressors.
  • Complete range including parts for air treatment products & accessories.
  • Protect your investment and end product.
Gardner Denver Compressor Parts

Mid-Tech are an accredited supplier of Gardner Denver compressor parts across the UK and beyond! We only supply genuine parts, spares, and lubricants that meet OEM specifications. Our parts offering is designed to support Gardner Denver’s complete range of compressor technologies including rotary screw, rotary vane, oil-free, and piston compressors.

To protect your investment, Gardner Denver always recommends the use of genuine parts that are authorised by professionals. OEM parts guarantee the high standard you expect and should be serviced by expert engineers to ensure high levels of quality, performance, and design perfectly tailored to GD equipment.

When choosing aftermarket parts, it can be tempting to select third-party or non-genuine products due to their cheaper initial cost. However, when it comes to the long term reliability and efficiency of your compressed air system, why risk it! Only OEM spares are tailor-made for your compressor installation meaning only they can offer the life expectancy and energy efficiency you desire.

In fact, non-genuine items can actually have a negative impact on your equipment, wearing it out, causing damage, and even resulting in a breakdown. In the long term, this can be hugely expensive and stressful, resulting in loss of production, factory shutdown, and long periods of downtime that cost you a ton of money! The small savings you make by purchasing third-party are vastly outweighed by the decreased profit margins that occur from a machine breakdown. To maintain productivity, uptime, and operational reliability, always choose a trustworthy supplier, like us!

We provide a huge amount of consumables for a range of technologies, including but not limited to:

Not seeing what you require? Don’t worry, we’re bound to have the exact item you need in our well-stocked factories. We’re based in the heart of England meaning we are perfectly placed to ship parts to the entirety of the UK, offering speedy delivery and a quick turnaround that gets you back up and running again in no time.

To keep your system under warranty, authentic replacements are the only solution. All genuine products are professionally manufactured and thoroughly tested so you can benefit from complete peace of mind after maintenance is completed on your GD air compressor.

Need Gardner Denver compressor parts? Call us on 0121 275 2787 to speak to us about your requirements and arrange an order.

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