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Champion Compressors

  • Spare parts for industrial and workshop compressors from Champion.
  • Small air compressor manufacturer offering plug and play technology.
  • Incredible performance at competitive prices.
Champion Compressors

Mid-Tech are authorised distributors of Champion air compressor parts and spares. Champion are widely known for their advanced yet affordable choice of air compressors for small and medium sized applications.

Offering a wide range of oil-injected screw, piston, rotary vane, dental air and breathing air compressors, Champion products feature the latest design innovations designed to offer performance suitable for continuous use under the most severe conditions. Their products pay particular attention to modularity and have a central focus on performance and energy efficiency alongside low operating and maintenance costs.

Their products are extremely popular for a range of craftsmen, light industrial, workshop, garage, and vehicle repair applications due to their cost-effectiveness, offering an extremely competitive price for such powerful machines.

Why choose Champion?

A broad selection of technologies

Rotary Screw

Innovative rotary screw compressors are designed to offer advanced levels of performance with continuous running hours and a range of features that offer the ultimate in compressed air generation. Available in both fixed and variable speed models for advanced efficiency, the range also features powerful IE3 motors and a modular design including receivers and dryers.


Available in lubricated, oil-free, or silent packages, piston compressors are ideal for a range of industries including dentistry, breaking air and workshop. The reliable design features high quality pistons designed to offer a longer working life.

Rotary Vane

The small and compact design of rotary vane compressors means they are a popular choice for point of use applications such as in professional or workshop applications.


ISO Class 0 compliant, this series offers next level peace of mind for clean air applications as it is completely oil free with no lubricant anywhere in the unit, offering incredible air purity and high levels of health and safety.


Ideal for jobs on the go such as for repairs and installations, Champion portable compressors offer low emissions and are easy to operate for every mobile compressed air task.

Keep your Champion products in peak performance with genuine spares and replacement kits from Mid-Tech. All of our parts are OEM quality guaranteed, giving you the assurance you need to know that your investment is protected. To find out more, please get in touch with our experts by calling 0121 275 2787 or filling out our contact form.



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