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Portable Compressors

  • A wide variety of users rely on CompAir C Series compressors when there is a demand for portable compressed air.
  • Pressures range, depending on the model, from 7 to 24 Bar (101 to 350 psi).
  • Ideal for mobile applications in hard to reach locations

The whole range consists of over 30 models to suit any application, from the smallest single axle model, powering a single pneumatic tool, through to the innovative Turboscrew range of machines. All models have easy access for operation and routine maintenance as standard across the range with well located control panels and simple lift off canopies or large access doors.

Across the C Series a wide range of options exist to tailor the compressor to your exact requirements. These include adjustable tow-bars, built in A/C Generators on certain models, additional filtration, built in aftercoolers, tool lubricators, road lights, pneumatic hose reels and also customers’ own paint colour and signwriting.

We can also supply CompAir’s extensive range of tools – please contact us for more information.

C10 – C30 Range

Compressors provide outputs from 1.0 to 3.0 m3/min at a pressure of 7 bar g

A wide range of “single tool” compressors to match exactly your air requirements.

The smallest are the C10 – C14 models – compact manually transportable Honda petrol engined screw compressors to load into a van. They provide between 1.0 and 1.4 m3/min. of air at a rated pressure of 7 bar g. Next is the C20 portable, powered by a Kubota D1105 water cooled diesel, and providing 2m3/min. of air at 7 bar g.

If more air is required for extra hand tools or to power a pneumatic pump to drain a trench, chose the C25 powered by the Kubota D1105 and offering 2.5 m3/min. at 7 bar g. Versatility of the single tooler range is increased by provision of generator models for site lighting, electrical tools or fusion welding of polyethylene service pipe.

The C20GS – includes an electrical generator which can be run at the same time as the compressor providing air at 2.0 m3/min, the C30 is powered by the same Kubota V 1505 engine as the C20GS and provides air at 3.0 m3/min

Whatever your choice, your energy efficient, reliable CompAir compressor will be supplied as a user friendly, site durable package designed as a result of many years of close attention to the needs of construction contractors, public utility companies and the hire companies supplying them.

C35-10 to C76 Range

Compressors provide outputs from 3.5 to 7.6 m3/min at pressures between 7 and 14 bar g

The latest CompAir Range of portable compressors incorporate the very latest technological advances and manufacturing processes to provide users with a portable supply of economic and reliable compressed air.

CompAir’s experience in the design and manufacture of high quality portable compressors spans almost 200 years. Today’s models are the result of an intensive development program, and deliver the high performance and reliability demanded by users.

A wide variety of users rely on CompAir compressors when there is a demand for portable high quality compressed air.

Ongoing investment in the latest design and manufacturing tools, and rigorous implementation of ISO 9001 approved quality systems ensure you take delivery of a reliable, high quality product.

C85 – C140 Range

The new DLT1303 range has an electronic controller as opposed to the mechanically controlled engines on the previous DLT1302 version. It is powered by Cummins-Engine QSB 4.5 rather than the Deutz-Engine

CompAir’s long experience in providing portable air compressors around the world brings you the C85-14 to C140-9 models, designed and built to withstand punishing operation in construction, civil engineering and surface mining sites.

The C110-9 to C140-9 models provide respectively 11.3 and 13.3 m3/min. of air at 8.6 bar for multi-tool construction site applications and also have 7, 12 and 14 bar derivative models. These meet the requirements of large scale blast cleaning of concrete or steel structures, building demolition and refurbishment, civil engineering activities such as rock bolting or ground stabilisation, and drilling activities in surface mining and geo-technical exploration.

Today, specialist contractors in many of these applications require precise standards of air quality in terms of oil and water content, which are met by provision of numerous options to increase the operational ability of the C110-9 to C140-9 machines Electric generator options can also be added for powering lighting for night time operations or ancillary electrical tools to further increase their utility to contractors and the hire companies who supply them.

Continuous investment in the latest computer aided design (CAD), powder paint plant, sophisticated manufacturing processes such as CNC rotor grinders, and rigorous implementation of ISO 9001 approved quality systems ensure you take delivery of a reliable, and durable product.

C270TS-9 to C200TS-24 Range

Patented bi-turbo technology = low cost of ownership!

TurboScrew Technology

CompAir’s TurboScrew compression system is a radical new approach to energy conservation. It uses a Cummins turbo assisted engine powering a CompAir screw compressor unit with the addition of an engine exhaust gas drive turbine, pre-compressing the suction inlet air before it enters the compression chamber.Using the TurboScrew technology, the engine delivers approximately 14% more energy to the compressor than conventional technologies.
(measured under full load condition)

The Electronic Controlled Bi-Turbo Cummins Diesel Engine

The water-cooled QSB 6.7 engine range from CUMMINS, one of the world’s leading manufacturers of diesel engines, are available as a 6 cylinder turbo-charged engine providing 180kW or 228KW, with a good reserve of power.The engine powers a CompAir screw compressor unit with the addition of an engine exhaust gas driven turbine, pre-compressing the inlet air prior to it entering the compression chamber.

  • Reliable, long lifetime.
  • Economic, quiet and environmentally friendly.
  • Very good cold starting ability.
  • 24V electric system.

Potential Fuel Savings

Based on average site running conditions, over lifetime of 10,000 hours, fuel savings of up to 30% can be achieved when compared with equivalent conventional compressors of this output range. This represents up to 20% of total lifetime costs.Your benefit: significant cost savings!

Small footprint & one of the lightest in class

The lightweight TurboScrew compressors can be towed by a large 4×4 vehicle with a maximum towing weight of 3500kg and is great for getting to hard-to-access sites.

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