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Rotary Vane Compressors

  • Reliable and durable rotary vane technology.
  • Expert engineering from Hydrovane application experts.
  • Range of options in open and enclosed format packages.

The low noise levels of the Hydrovane compressor means that they can be installed right alongside your equipment. Models are available in either an open format or fitted with enclosure panels that further reduce noise levels.

50 / 60 Hz Open – Fixed Speed: HV01 – HV04 (1.1 – 4 kW)

The HV (PUTS and PURS) range of compressors are engineered to meet the most stringent of specifications. Their compact, simple, robust and integrated design allows them to be fitted anywhere undercover. They are easy to install and maintain. Available in either tripod or receiver mounted versions, they are designed for a wide variety of applications including automobile, car body shops, dentistry, packaging and machine tools.

REGENERATION – HR04 – HR07RS (4 – 7.5 kW)

Constant improvements in technology and ever-increasing demands for energy-saving features force the pace of change.

Taking components that have been developed specifically with energy-saving in mind, Hydrovane’s designers and engineers have developed a rotary vane compressor for the twenty first century, whilst retaining the features which have helped build Hydrovane’s reputation for quality and reliability around the world.

HRE Range (Enclosed)

HRP Range (Open Units)

HR OEM Airends


50 / 60 Hz Enclosed – Fixed Speed: HV11 – HV75 (11 – 45 kW)

The HV (ACE) range of compressors is the heart of the Hydrovane product line, offering world class flexibility and reliability. Maintenance time and costs are reduced by simple construction and grouped service components, with ‘spin-off/spin-on’ maintenance items i.e. air/oil separators and oil filters.

The HV (ACE) range is enclosed for quiet operation, with a small footprint, and they can be conveniently located at the point of use. Installation is hassle free, as all enclosed units will fit through a standard 915mm (36”) door opening and stand on a flat floor surface.

50 / 60 Hz Enclosed – Regulated Speed (RS): HV11RS – HV45RS (11 – 45 kW)

The HV (ACE) RS range provides a variable speed offering for the Vertical Enclosed product selection. Whilst most fixed speed compressors are most efficient in continuous duty applications, regulated speed machines optimise energy efficiency when operated below full load capacity. However, most air installations operate between 50% and 75% of full load capacity.

The HV (ACE) RS series offer all the same features and benefits of the Vertical Enclosed Fixed Speed models; REVS off-load Power System, small footprint and low noise levels, with easy installation at point of use, plus the added benefits of saving up to 50% energy savings due to decreased energy consumption.

RS units only produce the amount of air required to meet the applications demand.

Fixed Speed Membrane Dryer Range: HV01 – HV04 (1.1 – 4 kW)

Hydrovane HV (PURS) range of Horizontal Open fixed speed compressors are available as fully integrated packages. Hypacs are available as a factory built package or can be supplied as a kit for local assembly.

REGENERATION Hypac Range: HR04 – HR07RS (4 – 7.5 kW)

The HR Regeneration enclosed range of compressors is available in 3 versions; fully connected and ready to run – ER (HRER), ED (HRED) and ERD (HRERD).

HRER – Hydrovane vertical compressor integrated with receiver
HRED – Hydrovane vertical compressor integrated with refrigerant dryer
HRERD – Hydrovane vertical compressor integrated with refrigerant dryer and receiver

Advance 10 Year Warranty available.

50 Hz Hypac – Fixed and Regulated Speed Refrigerant Dryer Range: HV11 – HV22 (11 – 22 kW)

The HV (ACE) range of Vertical Enclosed compressors are available in 3 versions; fully connected and ready to run:

ACER – Hydrovane vertical compressor integrated with receiver
ACED – Hydrovane vertical compressor integrated with refrigerant dryer
AERD – Hydrovane vertical compressor integrated with refrigerant dryer and receiver.

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