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Busch Vacuum Pumps

A Look At The Alternative

  • MidTech Air Products Ltd are a supplier of a range of different compressor, vacuum & blower technologies, from a variety of globally renowned manufacturers
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At MidTech Air Products, we pride ourselves on being accomplished experts within the industrial vacuum pump and blower market, offering a range of high-quality products, parts and services to our customers. With years of industry experience, we know all there is to know about vacuum pump technology, and we partner with a variety of brands whose products and systems we trust to get the job done for you. 

Busch Vacuum Solutions is a globally renowned manufacturer of a range of vacuum and overpressure technology. Their mission is simple, to provide leading-edge products and systems that offer the highest value and performance for their customers. This is achieved through continuous research and evaluation of their existing products to identify areas for development and improvement to ensure their systems can keep up in the dynamic world of vacuum technology. Busch offers a variety of vacuum pump solutions, including rotary vane, rotary lobe, claw, scroll, screw and liquid ring pumps.

Sounds good, right? How about if we told you that we had found a range of alternative vacuum pump systems and products that, in many ways, match and, in some ways, surpass the expert quality of Busch’s vacuum and blower technologies? 

The Alternatives We Work With:

While Busch vacuum pumps have a good reputation, we would actually recommend Elmo Rietschle’s professional range of industrial pumps. With years of experience and expertise in stocking and distributing a variety of vacuum pumps, parts and systems, we know exactly the standard of product and service that our customers are looking for. From design and quality to operational efficiency and performance, we have an eye for perfection, choosing only the best vacuum and blower technologies to supply to our clients. In our opinion, this is Elmo Rietschle’s range due to its unmatched quality, performance and reliability.

At MidTech Air Products Ltd, we offer a variety of Elmo Rietschle’s products, including but not limited to liquid ring pumps, oil-lubricated and dry-running rotary vane pumps, screw vacuum pumps, claw pumps and compressors, rotary lobe pumps and compressors, side channel blowers and compressors and radial fans. All of their vacuum pumps and other products combine the latest new German engineering and design with a tried and tested range of technologies to suit a large variety of pressure requirements. One of our MidTech team will happily go through these different technologies with you to consider which is best suited! We are also fully equipped with details about the differences between Busch products and our Elmo Rietschle alternatives.

Available Busch Spare Parts:

We do offer an extensive range of genuine OEM Busch Vacuum Spare Parts to support your existing systems. We often supply customers with Busch vacuum pump spare parts during our high-quality overhauling service, which includes maintenance and repair work. This ensures that no risk or future challenges are created through using alternative products.

You can rely on MidTech Air Products Ltd for a variety of high-quality vacuum and blower solutions that offer unmatched performance, efficiency and reliability. For more information about any of our available Vacuum Pumps & Busch Spare Parts, please fill out our contact form below. Alternatively, you can contact us at or feel free to call the Air Experts on 0121 275 2787

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