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Busch Vacuum Pump Parts

  • MidTech Air Products stock & distribute a range of spare parts & accessories to suit your particular manufacturer – including for Busch’s expert Vacuum Pump solutions
  • What Busch Vacuum Pump Parts do we stock & distribute?
  • We also offer a range of Busch Vacuum Pump Accessories to enhance the efficiency & performance of your solutions

At MidTech Air Products, we stock and distribute a range of spare parts to keep your industrial vacuum pump operating at its most efficient. We offer parts and accessories from a variety of manufacturers, including Busch, a globally renowned expert in vacuum and overpressure technology. All of our available Busch spare parts are certified, genuine OEM solutions that have been tried and tested to work seamlessly with your Busch vacuum pump!

So, what Busch Vacuum Pump Parts do we Stock & Distribute?

Spare Parts:

Exhaust Filters:
These innovatively designed genuine exhaust filters ensure clean air and enhanced performance. Busch’s vacuum pump exhaust filters protect your system by capturing 99% of oil particles and recirculating oil mist, ensuring that only clean air is released from your pump. This helps to create a contaminant-free, clean and environmentally-friendly working environment and atmosphere by preventing oil from exiting your system.

Vacuum Pump Oil Filters:
Proper and efficient oil filtration is essential to enhance and maintain the longevity and performance of your vacuum pump, as well as the quality of your production process. Therefore, Busch’s oil filters help to remove any unwanted contaminants, such as dust particles, from the oil that lubricates the compression chamber of your pump. This ensures that any oil within your vacuum system is clean and of a high quality, allowing it to maintain its critical lubrication and sealing properties.

Vanes are an integral part of vacuum generation in any rotary vane system, making up an irreplaceable part of their design and effectiveness. Therefore we offer spare Busch vanes that are perfectly designed to work with your Busch vacuum pump to keep up performance and efficiency whilst also avoiding the risk counterfeits or alternative vanes create. Busch’s vanes have been tried and tested under the harshest conditions, proving their status as wear and humidity resistant.

Service Kits:
To prevent the downtime that maintenance and servicing can often cause, Busch’s genuine service kits offer everything you need to keep your vacuum pump working at its best. This convenient package is a one-stop solution that contains all of the genuine spare parts you need to protect your investment and keep your vacuum pump operating efficiently and effectively.

Oils & Lubricants:
For any oil-lubricated vacuum pump, oil is essential to allow the vanes to operate smoothly and to allow for effective sealing of the pump’s compression chamber. Choosing a genuine oil or lubricant that you know will work well with your pump is also vital, as alternative oils haven’t been tried and tested to work with your Busch system. Therefore, look after your vacuum pump and protect its longevity by choosing Busch’s genuine range of oils and lubricants.

Busch is also a manufacturer of a variety of vacuum pump accessories to complement your existing system. We offer a range of this equipment, including:

VSD Retrofit Kit: You can upgrade your existing Busch R5 RA 0630 vacuum system with this innovative kit that improves efficiency levels with expert variable speed drive technology.

Oil Drain Valve: Look after your Busch vacuum equipment with this efficient oil drain valve that makes tricky and messy oil changes a thing of the past!

Standing Filters STF 0100-1000: These filters combine different separation mechanisms in a multi-stage process to protect your system from any damage caused by contaminants.

You can rely on MidTech Air Products Ltd for a variety of high-quality vacuum and blower solutions that offer unmatched performance, efficiency and reliability. For more information about any of our available Busch Vacuum Pump Spare Parts & Accessories, please fill out our contact form below. Alternatively, you can contact us at or feel to call the Air Experts on 0121 275 2787.

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